Before we dive into what makes the VIBE BlackAir 6C component speakers so enticing, we need to bring you up to speed with a bit of audio nerd terminology.

SQ stands for ‘sound quality’, so if you buy an SQ speaker system it’ll have an inherent focus on fidelity and clarity. Sure, you’ll have punchy bass too, but it’ll be sympathetically backing up the details rather than stealing the show. Bigger isn’t necessarily better with SQ, and the nature of ‘quality’ isn’t strictly measurable: each component of an SQ system will work together to accurately reproduce the high, middle and lower frequencies of your music.

On the other hand, you can indeed measure SPL. The ‘L’ stands for ‘loud’, and this format is all about pushing as much air as possible to really accentuate those low frequencies and get a kidney-pummeling bassline. So, whereas SQs champion precise sounds, every component in an SPL system works together to simply make the ground shake.

VIBE Blackair 6.5″ Black Edition 3 Way Components
140W RMS

VIBE BlackAir 6C Specs

Brilliantly, Vibe’s BlackAir 6C series offers both of these approaches in one, providing you with a  car audio setup that truly does cover all the bases. The R&D team used what they learned from the engineering of their EISA award-winning CVEN62 and SLICK6C  to produce a fantastic sounding component speaker at a great price. Combining the refined and elegant sound of their CVEN woofer  and the incredible performance they produced from the SLICK tweeter, they were able to engineer the BlackAir component: smooth bass response, accurate vocals, with crisp, clean high frequencies, and an elegant warmth.

And to fit in with the highly regarded Vibe aesthetic, these components are finished in black, paired with brushed aluminum; the speaker features cast aluminum baskets and a cast aluminum housing on the tweeter. In short, what you’re looking at is form and function in perfect harmony.


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