Want bass but got no space?
VIBE Car Audio introduces our brand new 10 and 12 inch ultra slimline subwoofers in the BLACKAIR range futher strengthening the line up.
In the modern day, space is often an issue when it comes to installing subwoofers. Big, heavy, bulky and cumbersome boxes which take up all your luggage space are not always an option; so for the lover of bass we have a new solution which means if you don’t have space you can still have bass.
Our slimline subwoofers have been expertly designed by our chief speaker engineer to offer amazing power handling and a high level of excursion which will allow delivery of the low rumbling bass even from such a small profile subwoofer. Its slim design means it can be mounted in ultra shallow enclosures, and will work in the smallest of sealed enclosers and perform well in undersized port enclosures meaning that you can have that bass that you crave without compromising on the luggage space.
The subwoofer features a full sized IMPP cone which gives us the greatest possible cone area for highest level of SPL, this combined with a wide foam roll surround delivers accurate deep bass reproduction, the super slim design uses our steel torsion basket for anti-resonance and has an internally mounted motor configuration to keep the depth as shallow as we can possibly get. The dual 2 ohm Voice coil configuration is purposely created to allow the woofer to be used perfectly on our POWERBOX400.1M or in a 4 or 5 channel system bridged on Multi channel amplifiers.
No Space No Problem.


Vibe British Audio