The LOC4-V5 is a 4-channel line output converter designed to convert the speaker-level signal from an aftermarket car stereo or amplifier into a preamp-level signal that can be connected to an external amplifier. This allows you to add an external amplifier to your car audio system, which can significantly improve the sound quality and power output of your speakers.

The LOC4-V5 features four channels, which means that it can be used to convert the signal from up to four speakers in your car. It has a compact design and can be easily installed in your vehicle’s dashboard or behind the stereo.

To use the LOC4-V5, you’ll need to connect it to the speaker-level outputs of your aftermarket car stereo or amplifier using the included wiring harness. Once connected, the LOC4-V5 will convert the signal into a preamp-level signal, which can be connected to the inputs of your external amplifier using RCA cables.

The LOC4-V5 also features adjustable gain controls for each channel, which allows you to match the output level of your aftermarket car stereo or amplifier to the input level of your external amplifier. This ensures that you get the best possible sound quality and performance from your car audio system.

Overall, the LOC4-V5 is a useful tool for anyone looking to improve the sound quality of their car audio system by adding an external amplifier. It’s easy to install and use, and can help you get the most out of your aftermarket car stereo or amplifier.

  • 4 channel output.
  • 6:1 step down.
  • 80w maximum input.
  • Auto sense technology.
  • The easy way to add an amplifier to your vehicle without changing your factory head unit.
  • The LOC4 Converter provides the perfect solution for integrating your aftermarket amplifier with your Factory Fit / OEM head unit.
  • 4 Channels in and 4 Channels out.
  • Not only does it derive a low-level RCA input for your amplifier from the speaker outputs of the head unit but thanks to VIBE AUTO SENSE technology also provides a remote turn-on for your amplifier.
  • So there is no need to add a separate switch or locate an ignition switched +12 Volt supply in the vehicle.
  • Please ensure that correct polarity is observed or a loss of bass will occur.
  • Wiring configuration can be found on the back of the packaging as per the image above.


Vibe British Audio