-16 000W

-1200W RMS
-Mono AMP

BassMasters Sublink-1200D Monoblock Amplifier

Elevate your car audio system with the BassMasters SUBLINK-1200D Monoblock Amplifier, designed to deliver exceptional power and performance for the true audio enthusiast. With a peak power output of 16,000 watts, this amplifier transforms your vehicle into a mobile sound powerhouse, providing deep, rich, and immersive bass.

Key Features:

Incredible Peak Power: The SUBLINK-1200D boasts an astounding 16,000 watts of peak power, ensuring your audio system has the capability to produce intense, high-impact sound that resonates deeply.

High RMS Power: Delivering 1200 watts RMS, this monoblock amplifier ensures consistent and reliable power to your subwoofers, providing clean, powerful bass that enhances every beat and rhythm of your music.

Monoblock Design: Specially engineered for subwoofers, the monoblock configuration provides focused, dedicated power, optimizing the performance of your low-frequency drivers for an unparalleled bass experience.

Class D Efficiency: Utilizing Class D amplifier technology, the SUBLINK-1200D offers high efficiency with minimal heat generation, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Versatile Connectivity: The amplifier features versatile input options to ensure compatibility with a wide range of head units and audio sources, making integration into your existing car audio system seamless and straightforward.

Durable Construction: Built with premium components and a rugged chassis, the SUBLINK-1200D is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and deliver long-term reliability and outstanding performance.

Advanced Thermal Management: Equipped with advanced thermal management technology, the amplifier stays cool even during extended use, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

Compact Design: Despite its immense power, the SUBLINK-1200D features a compact design that makes installation straightforward, even in tight spaces.

Transform your vehicle into a concert hall on wheels with the BassMasters SUBLINK-1200D Monoblock Amplifier. Whether you’re a bass enthusiast or simply want to experience your music with more depth and power, this amplifier delivers superior sound quality and extraordinary performance.


Peak Power Output: 16,000W
RMS Power Output: 1200W
Channels: Mono
Technology: Class D
Dimensions: Compact for easy installation
Thermal Management: Advanced cooling system
Unlock the full potential of your car’s subwoofers with the BassMasters SUBLINK-1200D Monoblock Amplifier – where extraordinary power meets impeccable sound quality.